PHANTOM ComboPack (Sig Sauer)

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Product & Order Overview 

Expected Delivery Date : January 2020

The PHANTOM QuickDraw is redefining the meaning of safety. With unique magnetic construction and innovative design it can firmly hold any flat top hand gun. Whether you're in the car, at your desk, or at home the QuickDraw has you covered! *Plastic Casing Designed to NOT Scratch Firearm or Damage Sight*


  • One QuickDraw Mount
  • 4 Screws for Mounting 

Return & Refund Policy

30 day money back guarantee. Once we receive your return we will process your refund. Please allow 2-3 days for processing. Return shipping not included.

This model of the QuickDraw only fits flat top handguns. It will not fit Sigs or 1911s. (Sig/1911 model will release in the Summer 2019) Learn More 

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